About Us

About us

Mission Statement:

We aspire to be leader in delivering personalized and most creative gift items on time to our priceless customers across the world.

Vision Statement:

We aim to deliver best personalized gifts of exceptional quality to our precious customers on time and at a fare price.

Our Responsibilities:

Customers are partners in our organization. Their happiness is our prime responsibility. We are committed to ethical and fare business practice to our customers, stake-holders, society and our people. We believe in inclusive growth.

Our Team:

Artzin's business is to put a smile back on people's face. We help you record, assimilate, preserve and embellish your brightest and happiest memories. We believe sweet memories are the elixir of a happy life. Thus, we keep coming up with interesting blend of sensitivity and sensibility, of craziness and discipline, of art and science in crafting an assortment of dazzling memorabilia to help you preserve each of your life-defining, invigorating, proud or and happy moments! Our business is also to add a dash of sparkling class, to add posterity to the priceless moments and memories. Personal celebrations like weddings, engagements, rice ceremonies, birthdays, anniversaries, ceremonies and festivals, etc. to professional dos, including seminars, corporate events, parties, outings, CSR events, corporate communication and editorial needs - you ask for it and we have all the skills, resources and creativity at our disposal to make each of these occasions memorable and eternal. We are a passionate lot of creative professionals. Simply, spell out your need, we will provide you with the choicest of the creative services to create a range of inspirational memorabilia, that some may choose to call pieces of exquisite art!