Wonderful Gifts for the Women in Your Life

April 30th, 2016 / by admin
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Gifts for Women

If you are not very different from us, you are most likely to have heard that most men are convinced that it is virtually impossible to know what women really want. On the contrary, what they don’t understand is that it is really not very difficult to please women.  They do not always gun for exotic presents or expensive gifts that drive men to irrecoverable debts. Sometimes, it is the simplest of things, the silliest of gift ideas that pleases women the most.

Do you have a special woman in your life? Are you tired of the swarming shopping malls, the crazily priced specialty outlets or the inadequately stocked budget shops? Are you frustrated with the real-world shopping experience in general? Have you exhausted all standard gifting options and are on the lookout for something genuinely fresh and different? Well, we then have answers to all your woes. www.artzzin.com is the place where you ought to be. Quality products. Exclusive gift ideas. Personalized offerings. Budget friendly goodies. Special discounts round-the-year!

www.artzzin.com offers a wide variety of unique personalized gifts for women, an abundance of wonderful gift ideas and suggestions, with listing of some of the most exciting presents up from the grab. www.artzzin.com allows you to complete all of your shopping from the cool comfort of your home – we won’t mind even if you are browsing in your uncombed-pajama-wearing-avatar! In fact, as an added perk, we’ve decided to offer you a special ‘first-timer’ discount on your favourite product.

Forget those standard gifts and generic goodies-sets from your local run-of-the-mill gift store. Pamper the special one with a life-size canvas of her choicest photographic portrait! Or blow her mind with an exquisitely crafted album with photographs of your latest romantic holiday! If you are looking for a cute yet meaningful gift for your sweetheart, then get her beautiful face carved on one of our exclusive ceramic mugs. Is it time to get away from the hustle and bustle of life’s excruciating pressures? Gift her with a collection of photo-crystals or photo-stones engraved with loving memories of the days gone by, memories she would cherish ever after. Let her know that she’s in the centre of your life – a beautiful tee, with a close-up of just the two of you, or simply a romantic image and a personalized quotation can do wonders to your beloved’s esteem of you. You may even like to add fun information and interesting quotes or anecdotes to your gift that reflect her personality and interests or that underline your fondness for her.

For more exciting options for women be sure to browse around www.artzzin.com. Don’t forget to let us know what you think of our products and how we could make it bigger and merrier for you!

Gifts Online

Gifts for Women

Love, music, gifting and a whole generation of romantic fools!

April 7th, 2016 / by admin
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Love, Music & the Art of Gifting!

During our good old school days, we were obsessed with making and gifting mixed music cassettes to each other. The cassettes would invariably have silly titles like “Rajiv’s Soulful Mix of Bollywood Romantic Duets” or “Priyanka’s Collection of Jhankar Beats”, obviously referring to the person who compiled it. The plastic cases of the cassettes would be adorned with hand-drawn sketches, pictures of flowers, hearts, bells and stars or even silly stickers, gleefully sourced with half of the month’s pocket-money. We were almost fanatical about our prized possession of mixed cassettes and took great pride each time we were able to gift each other with an ‘original’ collection.

Whenever we re-joined our school after a holiday, we exchanged notes with each other on our little ‘conquests’ and sometimes even dished out invitations to classmates, for them to have a sneak peek into our ‘scintillating’ collection of R D Burman Classics. When it came to the gifting seasons and boys were obliged to impress the persons they were dating, emotional currency took precedence over costly gifts. Hand-crafted flower bouquets, self-drawn scenic posters, a collection of self-written poems or even a music cassette, sensitively loaded with a touching compilation of Hindi romantic ballads with a cute love-note were preferred, over expansive gifts purchased from the most happening shop in town.

So has the good old gifting idea of mixed music gone out of style? We don’t buy cassettes any more. Many of us choose BRDs and DVDs over rapidly out-of-fashion CDs. Most of us, I guess, these days source our music from the Internet. But do we still get kick out of gifting someone with a compilation of soulful melodies? I am not so sure. May be youngsters of this era find the idea a little hackneyed or too painstaking and time consuming to even consider. Well, I know for sure that the long hand-written letters (sometimes soaked in blood) are passé and are considered corny and possibly a ‘waste-of-time’. Time of course comes at premium in today’s world!

During our times though, we probably were blessed with ‘more’ time at hand! We considered a personally curated compilation of music to be one of the most romantic gestures that one could put up for the special one. We believed that music, the universal language, could express virtually the most intimate of emotions that would have been left unexpressed otherwise. Even at the risk of sounding like a fool, let me share something with you – many in our generation got far more overwhelmed by a collection of heart-wrenching melodies gifted to us than a costly pack of goodies or anything fancy, that may be extremely useful for daily ‘practical’ purposes. Songs brought back memories. Songs reminded us of people. Songs helped us express. Songs helped us understand others. Songs helped us bond. Songs helped us forge new relationships. Songs helped us forget pain. Music meant a lot. Music, especially ‘cassette mixes’, was in many ways one of our most celebrated gift idea and easily inspired an entire generation of youngsters. For us, a sensitively compiled collection of poignant music was a symbol of ‘emotional currency’. Though it cost us very little, it was sweet. It was considerate and it made us all feel very special. It made our day!

ARTZZIN tries relentlessly to revive the art of emotional currency and celebrate the true spirit of online gifting! www.artzzin.com delivers best personalized gifts online, the products with exceptional class and quality at surprisingly fare prices. If you would like to try our assorted range of exquisite and personalized gifts, please check our range of exclusive products at www.artzzin.com, or e-mail us at admin@artzzin.com, or call our customer service representative at + 91 9874805234.


Tracing the roots of Holi!

March 19th, 2016 / by admin
Tracing the roots of Holi!

Steeped in mythological and social nuances, Holi easily is the most colourful and joyous of all Indian festivals. It is believed that the festival ‘Holi’, also known as ‘Holaka’, ‘Dol’ or ‘Phagwa’, existed several centuries before the birth of Christ. The festival figures in vivid descriptions in early Hindu religious scriptures like Jaimini’s Purvamimamsa-Sutras and Kathaka-Grhya-Sutras. As per the purnimanta estimation, Phalguna Purnima was the last day of the year that heralded ‘Vasanta’ or spring. Thus, the initially full-moon (‘raka’) festival of Holika gradually became a festival of fun, frolic and merrymaking, in anticipation and greeting of the upcoming spring season. No wonder Holi is also known as Vasanta-Utsava and even Kama-Utsava.

Holi, the great Indian festival of colour, is not only symbolic of the very diverse and colourful fabric of Indian democracy, but has great many ancient mythological overtures associated. Like the tradition of burning ‘Holika’ or ‘holika dahan’ or ‘nera pora’ (as it is known in Bengal), derives its reference from the legend of Prahlad and Hiranyakshyap. Prahlad worshipped Vishnu, much to the ire of Hiranyakshyap, who with the help of his sister Holika, planned to kill Prahlad. Holika enjoyed the God-gifted boon of complete immunity from fire. Hence, Hiranyakshyap entrusted her with the task of carrying Prahlad into the lap of a blazing fire. But devotion triumphed over unholy intent. Prahlad, a staunch devotee of Vishnu, came out unscathed from the fire, which eventually engulfed Holika. Playing to the tradition, children still create a ruckus, hurl abuses and play prank at the time of the ‘dahan’.

Some believe Holi is the celebration of the annihilation of ‘rakshashi’ Pootana, the vicious female form of devil that tried to kill Sri Krishna by feeding poisonous milk to him during his infancy. Some also believe that Holi marks the occasion of chasing away of the evil Ogress Dhundi, from the otherwise peaceful kingdom of Raghu, by a throng of brave and smart children. In Southern India, during Holi, people celebrate the great sacrifice of Kaamdeva, the Lord of Passion, who at the behest of all other Gods and Goddesses, risked his own life to retract Lord Shiva from the state of his deep cosmic meditation, in order to save the world from an impending catastrophe.

Holi also celebrates the legend of Sri Krishna and Radha. Legend has it that, Krishna, a perennial prankster, took extreme delight in applying colours on his playmates including Radha and other ‘gopinis’. Even today, this prank of applying smudges and sprays of riotous colours onto their loved ones remains favourite among Indians celebrating Holi.

In some parts of Eastern India, especially in Orissa and West Bengal, Holi or Dol Purnima is commemorated and celebrated as the birthday of the legendary Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, with a lot of colour and socio-religious fervour.

It is evident that all of these mythological references essentially depict the quintessential idea of triumph of good over evil – lending the core philosophy to the festival of Holi. Holi, probably being the least religious of all Hindu festivals, almost announces couple of days of complete disregard for traditional social norms and uninhibited indulgence involving music, dance, colours, food, celebrations and general merrymaking. A time when both nature and man leave the gloom of the chilly winter behind to herald and rejoice the colours of life associated with the onset of spring. It’s the time when social restrictions of religion, caste, creed, status, gender and age loosen, it’s the time when troughs are filled and bridges are built, it’s the time when the narrow walls of social divides are brought down with complete disdain. It’s the time when the pledge of human love is embraced. It’s the time of bonding and making way for new hopes. It’s also the time of GIFTS!

ARTZZIN salutes the spirit of HOLI! www.artzzin.com delivers best personalized Holi gifts online, the products with exceptional class and quality at surprisingly fare prices. If you would like to try our assorted range of exquisite and personalized Holi gifts, please check our range of exclusive products at www.artzzin.com, or e-mail us at admin@artzzin.com, or call our customer service representative at + 91 9874805234.

Corporate Gifts – one of the most potent tools of Corporate Branding

March 10th, 2016 / by Artzzin
Corporate Gifts, Gifts Online

Corporate Gifts – Branding & Promotions

Cut-throat competition, brazen ambush by aggressive brands, big budget marketing blitzkrieg by competitive businesses – can an enterprise rest on past laurels and hope that the numbers will have only one way to move? Definitely not!

In today’s dog-eat-dog business environment, businesses can leave no stone unturned to keep their nose ahead of competition. Innovative methods are needed to be adopted to strengthen brand recognition, familiarity and re-call.  Out-of-box strategies are necessary to remain at the top of the customers’ minds. Media advertisements, billboards and hoardings, banners and pamphlets, digital and social media promotions – no avenue should be left unattended. Who has ever been able to say for a certainty where the big buck lies? The most potent customer bases sometime lie at the end of the most unlikely marketing channel.

While these are some of the best ways of branding and promotion, one cannot ignore another extremely important component in the list – Corporate Gifts. Corporate Gifts have long stopped being considered to be just ways to incentivize people. They are tremendously impactful in helping a brand or a business stay on the top of potential customers’ mind. They are a serious tool in building brand loyalty. A carefully crafted corporate gift often turns into a prized possession and an object of pride. There can hardly be few more effective ways of business branding, promotion, marketing communication and customer outreach than corporate gifting. Whether it is the cause of strengthening the brand’s identity or increasing enterprise goodwill or even serving a corporate social responsibility, Corporate Gifts are the best way of successfully achieving them all.

Corporate gifting certainly is an art. At Artzzin we have meticulously nurtured this art over the years. From unique gifts online, such as ceramic photo tiles to an endless array of gifting ideas including printed cups, hand-crafted t-shirts, classy photo embedded crystals, stunning posters and larger-than-life canvases – you can order it all online at www.artzzin.com, and satisfy your bighearted gifting desires! We shall ensure that all our amazing selection of corporate gifts will carry you brand and logo with flair, pride, elegance and joy.

We understand the need to be appropriate and careful while choosing the gift, to leave a lasting and positive impression on the recipient. Hence, you can be rest assured that our range of products has been created to make them appear inoffensive to even the most sensitive of the lot. Our products have been crafted for regular display and usage, and not just to collect dust in the lone corner of your customers’ home or office. Our entire range of artifacts displays the element of personal touch and craftsmanship, and is liberally stuffed with the ‘wow’ factor! We ensure that our products are aligned with your overall corporate branding and messaging strategy. We do all this within a budget that is affordable and practical, without compromising on the quality, class or effect of the endeavour. You would be delighted to know that many of Artzzin’s customers have realized that making www.artzzin.com as their corporate gifting partner was one of their most successful advertising strategies.

Artzzin’s vision is to “deliver best personalized gifts of exceptional quality to our precious customers on time and at a fare price”. If you would like to try our assorted range of exquisite and personalized corporate gifts, please check our range of exclusive products at www.artzzin.com, or e-mail us at admin@artzzin.com, or call our customer service representative at + 91 9874805234.

Are relationships made in heaven?

February 26th, 2016 / by Artzzin
Are relationships made in heaven?

Do you recall your first date with that special someone? Remember having spent hours rampaging through your wardrobe, fixing your hair, choosing the appropriate perfume or even the right pair of shoes? Remember how focused and fidgety you were ensuring that you walked into the right ambience with your beloved, enjoying the perfect dinner? Remember the effort you put in choosing the best gifts for your beloved? You almost ‘staged’ the occasion like an experienced event curator, entrusted with hosting a big Bollywood bash! Oh yes, you may even have had a quick conversation with the “big guy upstairs” pleading him to ensure the most glorious weather that evening. You left no stone unturned and success was a given!

You followed it up with more dates, more laugh, more fun, more gifts, loads of good times, growing anticipation and an almost audible pounding of your heart. What next? It finally happened. The Great Indian Wedding! Sparkling faces, shimmering excitement, bounty of mesmerizing wedding gifts, happy excesses of food, fun and frolic, sweet promises sealed with nervousness for the unknown demons of life-long commitment. You got happily married!

Sounded like a perfectly dreamy script of a mushy Bollywood romantic potboiler. Didn’t it? It is evident that during your courtship, the entire world revolved around your partner. But, what with time, other priorities started to sneak into your life. It was no more just about the two of you, your love, your promises, your glittering marriage, the touché marriage gifts and commitment for life-long companionship (…until death do us apart). The magic seemed to be waning. Why? Where did the seemingly wonderful plot lose its steam? How do some couples continue to share a warm and happy relationship long after the glitz, glamour and glares of the copybook marriage?

So, is there any magic formula? Most happy couples would disagree. Rather they would tell you how they had to keep working on their marriage and their relationship to keep things nice and fulfilling. One thing almost all of them would profess – never to take your partner or your relationship for granted, even if it got cemented with great fervor, passion and religious sentiments (…hence expected to last and stay as it is, on an auto-pilot mode). Instead, they would ask you – how much quality time did you carve out of your busy time to spend with your partner? They would enquire whether you are still as zealous and sensitive as you were during the initial days, while choosing the perfect range of gifts online for your partner.

Behind the soft and mushy exterior of a perfect relationship, there always are those strong pillars like respect for one’s partner, sustained communication, sharing of common interests, regular display of affection, genuine appreciation and an effort to understand the importance of intimacy. It is not surprising that many of the perennially happy couples swear by the values of respect, trust, honesty and fidelity in a relationship. Inspite of your best and well-meaning intentions, it is your daily acts that form the foundation of a relationship – endearing or otherwise. Remember, it is no more about “ME”, it is about “US” that makes it work.

Let’s start it here, today, now! Why don’t you take pounds of sensitivity, loads of understanding and the best personalized gift, when you return home to meet your partner this evening? Why don’t you make an effort to re-energize the magic in your relationship? Trust us, every bit of your effort would be worth it.

If you are looking for a quality online gift partner in Mumbai, or intending to order gifts online in Bangalore, or planning to source Holi gifts for your loved one in NCR or even planning to purchase stunning marriage gifts in Kolkata, or trying to source the best range of corporate gifts online look no further than www.artzzin.com .

Artzzin’s vision is to “deliver best personalized gifts of exceptional quality to our precious customers on time and at a fare price”. If you would like to try our assorted range of exquisite and personalized gifts and services, please check our range of exclusive products at www.artzzin.com, or e-mail us at admin@artzzin.com, or call our customer service representative at + 91 9874805234.

The Art & Science behind Corporate Gifting

February 15th, 2016 / by Artzzin
The Art & Science behind Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifts is really a loosely crafted umbrella term with varied interpretations. It certainly is not an exact science. At the end of the day, it’s an extremely potent tool to build and cement relationships, between people, business entities, organizations etc. Meant to serve different causes, people and occasions, corporate gifts cater to various situations, including – branding, promotions, advertisements, business gifts, executive gifts, client relationship management, trade show giveaways, corporate recognition & motivation, incentives, awards, as an expression of gratitude, etc.

It is important to align one’s online corporate gifting strategy with the goals associated with the gift or the gifting program. Broad gifting guidelines should evolve from the organization’s branding, marketing and CRM strategies so that it is never construed as a bribe but a token of appreciation.

Broad considerations to keep into consideration:

  1. Logo or No Logo – Everyone enjoys seeing logo on their gifts but not every recipient appreciates it. The appearance and placement of the logo is crucial. Ideally, it should never play spoilsport and stick out like a sore thumb on a beautiful gift. The idea is that the recipient should never have qualms or feel uncomfortable to put the gift on a public display. A ‘too-much-at-your-face’ logo only hampers the chance. A well-thought gift would leave a lasting impression any way, logo or no-logo.
  1. Budget – One must consider the value of the business relationship, the occasion, the marketing budget, the company guidelines, departmental spending limits, status and number of recipients, amongst other factors, while deciding on the budget corporate gifts. While overspending can be construed as bribing, too frivolous a gift may be interpreted as non-seriousness or callousness.
  1. What to gift – Should printed cups be the preferred choice? Or should one consider customized t-shirts? Even personalized gifts online, like posters and tailored albums, deserve a look in. As a corporate gift one should refrain gifting something that is too personal, but plan something that is thoughtful. Gifts could be mass-created, custom-built or even seriously personalized. Since, it is not always easy to assess the personality and taste of recipients, it is often prudent to be slightly conservative, yet classy while choosing a gift. It should also be a function of the occasion, the culture, age, gender and stature of the recipient. Ideally, the best gift would be the one that the recipient would love to use or display on regular basis.
  1. How to deliver – Well, the most touching method of gift delivery is to personally hand deliver it to the recipient. Now, with enterprises having geographically dispersed clientele and gifting often being a mass activity, it is not always feasible to deliver personally. Thus it is imperative to choose a quality corporate online gifts house, which has an understanding of corporate gifting and can uphold your brand’s identity and prestige, both with the quality of products as well as the timeliness of delivery. In the digital era it is also important that the gifts online business has the flexibility to accept orders online, personalize the chosen gifts and has the logistical breath of operations to timely deliver the gifts to the intended recipient(s).

It is important to remember that personalization, embossing of logo, adding a message on your items and shipping to recipient’s location takes time. It is always prudent to allow yourself and your online corporate gift house enough time to complete your project and still have time to spare. Some houses allow delivery on a ‘rush-mode’ at an extra cost. But why pay more, yet risk your delivery schedule or the quality of output while being on the rush mode?

If you are looking for a quality corporate gift partner in Kolkata, or intending to order gifts online in Bangalore, or planning to source corporate Holi gifts for your customers in NCR or even planning to purchase stunning Holi gifts in Mumbai for personal or business reasons, look no further than www.artzzin.com .

Artzzin’s vision is to “deliver best personalized gifts of exceptional quality to our precious customers on time and at a fare price”. If you would like to try our assorted range of exquisite and personalized gifts and services, please check our range of exclusive products at www.artzzin.com, or e-mail us at info@artzzin.com, or call our customer service representative at + 91 9874805234.

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