Are relationships made in heaven?

February 26th, 2016 / by Artzzin
Are relationships made in heaven?

Do you recall your first date with that special someone? Remember having spent hours rampaging through your wardrobe, fixing your hair, choosing the appropriate perfume or even the right pair of shoes? Remember how focused and fidgety you were ensuring that you walked into the right ambience with your beloved, enjoying the perfect dinner? Remember the effort you put in choosing the best gifts for your beloved? You almost ‘staged’ the occasion like an experienced event curator, entrusted with hosting a big Bollywood bash! Oh yes, you may even have had a quick conversation with the “big guy upstairs” pleading him to ensure the most glorious weather that evening. You left no stone unturned and success was a given!

You followed it up with more dates, more laugh, more fun, more gifts, loads of good times, growing anticipation and an almost audible pounding of your heart. What next? It finally happened. The Great Indian Wedding! Sparkling faces, shimmering excitement, bounty of mesmerizing wedding gifts, happy excesses of food, fun and frolic, sweet promises sealed with nervousness for the unknown demons of life-long commitment. You got happily married!

Sounded like a perfectly dreamy script of a mushy Bollywood romantic potboiler. Didn’t it? It is evident that during your courtship, the entire world revolved around your partner. But, what with time, other priorities started to sneak into your life. It was no more just about the two of you, your love, your promises, your glittering marriage, the touché marriage gifts and commitment for life-long companionship (…until death do us apart). The magic seemed to be waning. Why? Where did the seemingly wonderful plot lose its steam? How do some couples continue to share a warm and happy relationship long after the glitz, glamour and glares of the copybook marriage?

So, is there any magic formula? Most happy couples would disagree. Rather they would tell you how they had to keep working on their marriage and their relationship to keep things nice and fulfilling. One thing almost all of them would profess – never to take your partner or your relationship for granted, even if it got cemented with great fervor, passion and religious sentiments (…hence expected to last and stay as it is, on an auto-pilot mode). Instead, they would ask you – how much quality time did you carve out of your busy time to spend with your partner? They would enquire whether you are still as zealous and sensitive as you were during the initial days, while choosing the perfect range of gifts online for your partner.

Behind the soft and mushy exterior of a perfect relationship, there always are those strong pillars like respect for one’s partner, sustained communication, sharing of common interests, regular display of affection, genuine appreciation and an effort to understand the importance of intimacy. It is not surprising that many of the perennially happy couples swear by the values of respect, trust, honesty and fidelity in a relationship. Inspite of your best and well-meaning intentions, it is your daily acts that form the foundation of a relationship – endearing or otherwise. Remember, it is no more about “ME”, it is about “US” that makes it work.

Let’s start it here, today, now! Why don’t you take pounds of sensitivity, loads of understanding and the best personalized gift, when you return home to meet your partner this evening? Why don’t you make an effort to re-energize the magic in your relationship? Trust us, every bit of your effort would be worth it.

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