Corporate Gifts – one of the most potent tools of Corporate Branding

March 10th, 2016 / by Artzzin
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Corporate Gifts – Branding & Promotions

Cut-throat competition, brazen ambush by aggressive brands, big budget marketing blitzkrieg by competitive businesses – can an enterprise rest on past laurels and hope that the numbers will have only one way to move? Definitely not!

In today’s dog-eat-dog business environment, businesses can leave no stone unturned to keep their nose ahead of competition. Innovative methods are needed to be adopted to strengthen brand recognition, familiarity and re-call.  Out-of-box strategies are necessary to remain at the top of the customers’ minds. Media advertisements, billboards and hoardings, banners and pamphlets, digital and social media promotions – no avenue should be left unattended. Who has ever been able to say for a certainty where the big buck lies? The most potent customer bases sometime lie at the end of the most unlikely marketing channel.

While these are some of the best ways of branding and promotion, one cannot ignore another extremely important component in the list – Corporate Gifts. Corporate Gifts have long stopped being considered to be just ways to incentivize people. They are tremendously impactful in helping a brand or a business stay on the top of potential customers’ mind. They are a serious tool in building brand loyalty. A carefully crafted corporate gift often turns into a prized possession and an object of pride. There can hardly be few more effective ways of business branding, promotion, marketing communication and customer outreach than corporate gifting. Whether it is the cause of strengthening the brand’s identity or increasing enterprise goodwill or even serving a corporate social responsibility, Corporate Gifts are the best way of successfully achieving them all.

Corporate gifting certainly is an art. At Artzzin we have meticulously nurtured this art over the years. From unique gifts online, such as ceramic photo tiles to an endless array of gifting ideas including printed cups, hand-crafted t-shirts, classy photo embedded crystals, stunning posters and larger-than-life canvases – you can order it all online at, and satisfy your bighearted gifting desires! We shall ensure that all our amazing selection of corporate gifts will carry you brand and logo with flair, pride, elegance and joy.

We understand the need to be appropriate and careful while choosing the gift, to leave a lasting and positive impression on the recipient. Hence, you can be rest assured that our range of products has been created to make them appear inoffensive to even the most sensitive of the lot. Our products have been crafted for regular display and usage, and not just to collect dust in the lone corner of your customers’ home or office. Our entire range of artifacts displays the element of personal touch and craftsmanship, and is liberally stuffed with the ‘wow’ factor! We ensure that our products are aligned with your overall corporate branding and messaging strategy. We do all this within a budget that is affordable and practical, without compromising on the quality, class or effect of the endeavour. You would be delighted to know that many of Artzzin’s customers have realized that making as their corporate gifting partner was one of their most successful advertising strategies.

Artzzin’s vision is to “deliver best personalized gifts of exceptional quality to our precious customers on time and at a fare price”. If you would like to try our assorted range of exquisite and personalized corporate gifts, please check our range of exclusive products at, or e-mail us at, or call our customer service representative at + 91 9874805234.

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